One Piece manga episode 852

One Piece manga episode 852

Medical room in hall cake castle

Doctor treating Liaju “What a tough skin and resilience … If this is a remodeled person of Jerma, it will be enough to attend a tea ceremony tomorrow

I will report to the Vin Smok family overnight care and I will be worried about that, so I will go to the medical office on the fourth floor … ”

Soldier “Ha ha”

Doctor who is doing nothing gets departed

Soldier “Sorry for the trouble !! Take care!”


Raju wakes up …

Then Sanji sitting on a side chair

Leiju “! Sanji … !! Woo !!!”

Sanji “… Ou …”

The watchmen are tied up by Sanji

LAJUE … … … … Legs … Walking around the castle … encountering soldiers who make noise to “intruders” … have you gotten involved …? ”

Sanji “You do not have to go crazy … !! Memory has been switched”

Reiju “What ??”

Sanji “I will tell you what happened … …”


The scene is a prisoner’s library

In addition to Luffy and Nami from a burning book’s prison, a lot of people come out while burning …

Jinbei “Hurry up Luffy !! Nami !!”

Luffy comes out with Nami and jumps out “Uoo !!”

Jinbei pours a bucket of water


Luffy “Puha !! It was saved !!”

Nami: Hu … hu … something … I feel like I’ve had such a long time ago … ”

Jinbei “Sorry, Mondor’s books are the only escape measure that burns”

Luffy “Shishashi !! I finished without my arms !! Thank you !!”

Jinbei “It was also a prison where we met for the first time … Look! Look at these same prisoners in the same book as you …

The world of books is the breadth of imagination, infinite if there is infinite There are many excellent men in Big Mam! It is! ”

Nami “Thank you Jinbei, why on this island !?”

Jinbei “… Oh, the pirates of Taiyou led by me will also be under the umbrella of Big Mam”

Nami “!?”

Luffy: “What ?!?”

Nami pointing at the opera where Jimbee was blown away … “But … Colle … Well then …”

Jinbei “Oh, it’s a rebellion, let’s go back again !! Wahaha !!”

Nami “Oh … !! Saying it on Umishijima” I have a position “…”

Jinbei “… I want to throw it away now”

Soldiers who received reports come up “Report from the prisoner library screaming !!

Jinbei “As early as possible, first you must hide yourself out of reach of their eyes!”

Luffy who falls out of power and falls on the spot “Wow … something in a blink … !! Hararagi … !!”

Jinbei “Are you hungry in such a situation?”

Nami “Because Luffy consumes three times as much energy as people live”

Luffy: “It’s okay … !! I have not told you to eat anything else …!”


The word Luffy told Sanji “I will eat only the mess that you made!”


Luffy is hungry, but it gets up, “Thank you Jinbei anyway”

Luffy reminds me that Pudding shoots Sanji … The situation is the worst! We also … Sanji was also damned !! Tell me … !!

I ordered Nami, Jinbei! It is! ”

Nami “What?”

Luffy thrusting into the soldiers who got off the stairs

Jinbei “Luffy !! Wait !! The inside of the castle is full of enemies!”

Nami “Luffy !! I forgot what kind of eyes I saw this morning!”


Scene returns to medical office

Sanji who conveyed the story as it is … “Do you believe …?”

Raje “Of course … you do not break me … but that was … Pudding … It’s too good a girl … it’s sniffing …”

Sanji “… If you mind not to get married ◯ … If you marry me, Luffy gets helped … I guess that was not originally formed … !!

I thought that if one of us was sacrificed it got diminished …! It is! It was a soldier fantasy …! It is! ”

Raiju “The truth father also got a little arrogant … But it was a good opportunity for me …”

Sanji “!?”


I think that Raju “…” Jerma “should be destroyed as it is”

Sanji “!”

Leiju “Do not be aware of this as it is … pretending to be Big Mam’s strategy …”

Sanji “What are you saying !! You too ◯ ぬ ん じ ゃ!? ラ イ ジ ュ”

Rage “… Wow, are you worried about me? The last memories are bothersome … Do not feel kindly to support me like an old aid.”

Sanji “… !!”

Rage “You run away with the” wheat stalks “Sanji”

Sanji “Ah!? Such a thing … even if I can do it … What happens to” Balatier “?

LAJUE “It is only after you run away If you stay here everyone ◯ Nuwa

… I have memories that I can not forget … My father and mother’s big fight meaning was clearly understood later

Sanji “!?”

Raejyu “My mother was very opposed to making four of you who were born into an empty machine …!”

Sanji “… !!”


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